Selection of refrigeration equipment is mainly to stable and quiet, the best there is moisture pumping function. Some devices can even make the humidity in the room. Note installation of interior design to uniform air. 制冷设备的选用主要是要稳定安静,最好有抽湿功能。有些设备甚至可以在室内制造湿度。安装时注意内部设计的风口要均匀。
  • Adjustable fan speed,air modes (up blowing, down blowing, side blowing, back blowing, and front blowing),modular (assemble convenient) ,and multiple type modules
  • Copeland scroll compressor with high energy efficiency ratio, EC fan with 20% savings more than the regular fan, v type evaporator in the limited space to increase the heat transfer area, and intelligent control panel with LCD interface, which is simple, convenient, easy to maintain and settings
  • Easy disassembly,less consumption, optimized structure, new engineer maintenance window, maintenance window (opening while equipment is operating) and routine maintenance and troubleshooting
易拆卸、少消耗、最优化的结构,最新工程师维护窗口,维护窗口(设备运行中开放) ,便于平常维护及判断故障     
  • Quality components with strict certification, advanced controller automatically balanced operation, control system with expert diagnosis and fault alarm function, skeleton frame riveted steel rivets, stable, sturdy, and easy separation,  inner and outer panels, built-in fire insulation materials, and compressor of high and low pressure, exhaust temperature, air volume loss, and fan overload multiple protective measures
严格认证的高品质部件,先进的控制器自动平衡部件的运行和磨损, 具有专家自诊断和故障预警功能控制系统, 碳钢铆钉铆接的骨架机身,稳定坚固又容易拆分, 内外双层面板,内置防火隔热材料, 压缩机高低压、排气高温、风量丢失、风机过载等多重保护措施

A good cellar is ventilated. A light stream of air will prevent excess moisture and fungal growth, but note that too much ventilation can affect the quality of your wine by creating large changes in temperature. Cellars are subject to temperature variations that can interfere with the aging process of wine. The ideal temperature is between 10 and 14 degrees Celsius, and it should be checked regularly. Good thermal insulation will help hold the temperature steady. The right humidity is close to 70%. Too wet, and you risk moldy corks; too dry, and corks may crack, bottles leak, and wines deteriorate. Wine should be stored in total darkness. Light rays degrade tannins and cause premature aging of wine. Corks are permeable, so wine comes in contact with the ambient air. Avoid storing products with strong smells, like paint and gasoline, to preserve the best flavors of the wine. Vibrations should be avoided (including those from nearby roads), since these may disturb the aging process of wine.
  • Meeting cooling requirements
  • Floor-mount, rack-mount and ceiling-mount modules, plus a choice of cooling capacities, cover any application requirements
  • Saving power by over 30% comparing to traditional cooling system of the same capacity
  • Refrigerant with high heat exchange efficiency applied in the cycling system avoids the water from entering into the wine cellar as cold carrier
  • Multiple solutions available
  • Quick pipe connection device provides easy and swift installation, upgrade and equipment transportation
  • Equipping with standard RS485 monitoring interface, delivering remote monitoring
  • Minimal floor space requirements allow more room for equipment
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